Add tensorflow to JUCE project

Dear community,

I have trained a Convolutional Neural Network using tensorflow and python. I now want to implement the model inside my JUCE Project. I tried adding tensorflow tensorflow/tensorflow at master · tensorflow/tensorflow · GitHub in various ways:

  • Projucers “Add Existing Files” add the folder → Projucer crashes
  • Projucers “Add Existing Files” add the subfolders into a newly created group → Projucer crashes
  • Adding the tf folder as a module → The folder is not a valid module folder.

Did anyone manage to include tensorflow into a JUCE project?

Any help is very much appreciated!


Edit: Install TensorFlow for C., I folllowed this guide as well and included the downloadable library. But the package is not complete and throws me an Error that VS cannot open certain files (Includes from the header file are not included in the folder). Is there a way to link the package to a complete copy of the tensorflow backend API?

OS: Windows