Adding close/minimize buttons to my plugin

I’ve recently been using the Juce Plugin Host to debug my plugin but notice that the plugin is missing it’s minimize/close buttons. I know I can add this using the DocumentWindow Class but am wondering the best way to implement this? My thinking is that I can create another gui component that inherits the DocumentWindow Class then add my Plugin Editor as a child component. My question is- is this the best way to handle this, or is there a way I can add this functionality directly within the Plugin Editor, as I don’t see a way?

Plugins should not have their own close buttons or such. It should be up to the host to provide a window that has such GUI controls. The JUCE plugin host should provide such top level windows for the plugins, so I wonder if there’s some issue in your plugin?

When I open the plugin in Ableton the buttons are there. I’ll look and see if I’ve overlooked something. Thanks for your help.

Solved it- The issue was that my setSize() wasn’t big enough.