Loading Plugin UI

Hi All,

How do I go about loading a plugin’s own UI?
I understand how to use the GenericAudioProcessorEditor and load in the plugin instance, but don’t want to have to use the generic sliders.

Corey Ford

You’ll want to use juce::AudioProcessor::createEditor(), assuming the plugin instance responds true to juce::AudioProcessor::hasEditor() :slight_smile: you can then place the returned editor component in a window or view

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You also might want to look here:


If that is not enough you can derive your own class from look and feel and build overrides for the components you want to customize while the core functionality still will work.

In addition to this, what’s the best way to go about adding a “close” button to my resizable window?

Has it got anything to do with the native toolbar?

Hmm, looks like DocumentWindow is the class that actually implements title bar buttons

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