Adding Content for Tabs

I’m trying to add different components depending on the page you are. For that, I’m using TabbedButtonBar. What method should I use to implement this? I tried using TabbedComponent, but the content Component is showed for the tab, which I don’t need.

I’d help, but I cannot make out what you are trying to ask!

You don’t want to see the tabs? . . . or more bizarrely you don’t want to see the content associated with the tab?

You’re right, my bad. Of course, I want to view my components. I’ve tried adding a button as a component, like this mytab.addTab("request",Colours::white ,&button , FALSE,-1); and it didn’t look right. Now I’m trying to create two different components representing my two pages mytab.addTab("request",Colours::white ,&requestComp , FALSE,-1);. Next step is adding buttons, sliders etc to requestComp and the other component. Also, I’m trying to find a way to manage the tab changes, I’ve got my eyes on currentTabChanged.