Adding extra components to an AudioProcessorEditor Window

I need to put a combo box and some other graphical stuff into the window of a plugin’s editor that I’m hosting. EG: a VST plugin. What would be the correct way to handle the window so I can add the editor there and also extra components?

I’m currently using

class PluginEditorWindow : public DocumentWindow

And them:

theEditor = wplugin->createEditorIfNeeded();
if (theEditor != nullptr) setContentOwned(theEditor, true);

For just the editor it works great. The window resizes when needed (especially on stuff like my Wusik 8008). But I don’t know how I can add other stuff to it. Or if I should use another component and add the editor to it, but them calling editor getWidth returns always the same size, doesn’t change. So I wonder what gives…

Thanks for any advice.

Cheers, WilliamK

See: DocumentWindow setContentOwned VST


Perfect! Thank you so much. :slight_smile: