Adding Sparkle Framework via Introjucer

I’m trying to add the Sparkle framework to my mac app so that I can do automatic updates, and I’m getting a linker error. My steps:

  1. Put the Sparkle.framework folder in the System/Library/Frameworks folder
  2. Type in “Sparkle” in the the “Extra Frameworks” spot in Introjucer. Save and open in Xcode.
  3. It shows up in the left hand column with all of the other frameworks, as well as in the “Link Binary with Libraries” section of my target.

But I’m getting a linker error: “framework not found Sparkle”. Am I missing a step here?

OS 10.7.5, XCode 4.6.2

OK I fixed the linker error but now I’m having a new problem. This seems to be associated with my lack of understanding on how to incorporate an ObjC framework into a C++ project, but the errors involve JUCE classes so:

I’ve got a file called that includes <Sparkle/Sparkle.h>. This file includes both Obj C classes, Juce classes, and standard C++ stuff. This file compiles with no errors. However I get a ton of errors in the Sparkle framework headers in which they don’t recognize any ObjC objects like NSObject, or NSTimer. So I added #include <Foundation/Foundation.h> in Sparkle’s main header file. This took care of the NSObject errors, but now the new errors I get are:

Use of class template Point requires template arguments
Reference to 'MemoryBlock' is ambiguous
Reference to 'Component' is ambiguous

I’m about to punch Sparkle and myself in the face. Any tips from ye’ wise Jucers?

These are fairly typical Mac versus Juce errors. You may need to undef the conflicting classes.

Quick fix to try: add juce:: to uses of those classes in your code (in your Sparkle using file).


I was only using Juce’s String class, so I ended up just taking it out and using char instead and that prevented the problem from occurring. But thanks for the tip Bruce. I will try that if I need to bring Juce back in.

I assume by now you succeeded on your Sparkle integration.

Any chance you can share some tips of the process?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers ! 

Also interested in this! 4 years later… also trying to figure out Squirrel & Nuts

Sorry. For various reasons, I ended up leaving sparkle out and doing manual updates