How do I add the Sparkle framework to project through Introjucer?


I've been trying, unsuccessfully, to add the Sparkle framework for the last day, and finally decided I'll ask for help!

The instructions for adding the framework to xcode are here, and following these it builds:

But, when I follow all instructions I've found in previous related threads for using introjucer, I keep getting the error below in xcode:

"dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/Sparkle.framework/Versions/A/Sparkle
  Referenced from: /Users/onar3d/Documents/Spaces/Builds/MacOSX/build/Release/
  Reason: image not found".

What I did is I copied the Sparkle.framework to "/Applications/"

I also added the line: FRAMEWORK_SEARCH_PATHS="/Applications/" to Custom Xcode flags in the introjucer.

I'm not very familiar with the mac side of things as I've exclusively developed on win till now, that could be the reason...

Note, I work on OSX 10.9.5, and xcode 6.1.1

Any tips?

Also, since you're reading, how would I then go about the next steps, of

a) setting “Runpath Search Paths” to @loader_path/../Frameworks" in the introjucer?

b) Achieve the steps under "2. Set up a Sparkle updater object" in the Sparkle instructions?

Thank you!


I've gotten as far as getting Sparkle to work (message me if you want the deatils), but I have one last question, which is general about frameworks, xcode and introjucer:

I add the FRAMEWORK_SEARCH_PATHS="/to/where/my/frameworks/are/" to "Custom Xcode flags.

I add path to the sparkle framework in "Extra Frameworks".

It builds, but when I run the program it still crashes, unless I then, in xCode, also drag "Sparkle.framework" in under "Embedded Binaries" in the General tab in xcode.

What can I do to not have to do this extra manual step? Is there anything I need to add in the introjucer?


I think you might need to add it to "External libraries to link".

Would be good if you can post the extra steps you needed to get Sparkle working for those of us who might be interested in using it too.