Adding additional frameworks

I install 3rd party frameworks in the recommended location . . 



When I add the following to the introjucer in the field "Extra Frameworks"



Then open the project in XCode, the framework appears in the list, but in red (i.e. the introjucer sets the wrong path). Looking in the pbxproj file, it is serching :

path = System/Library/Frameworks/_whatever_you_put_in_the_field


Please edit so that when a full or relative path is used, the default search location is not added to the path. Thanks!!



Thanks - that should be sorted out now, try it again!

Err . . still not working. The path looks OK now in the pbxproj, and the framework is no longer red in the IDE . . .

... but XCode complains it cannot find header files the framework unless I remove the framework and add it again manually through the IDE. Hmph


Hmm. Could you compare the working/non-working pbxproj files and see what the difference is in the way the IDE is writing it?