Adding Custom Frameworks to XCode project using the ProJucer


i’m trying to add some custom frameworks (that is, frameworks that reside only in the project repository, not globally on my system) to my XCode project using the Projucer, but i couldn’t manage so far …

In XCode, i add the frameworks by going to the “Link Binary with Libraries” tab, click ‘+’, then ‘Add Other’, and then add the frameworks from the respective folders.

Adding the frameworks under “Extra frameworks” in the Projucer doesn’t work, it only seems to work with frameworks that are available system-wide.

So each time i save my projucer project i have to re-add the frameworks, which is annoying to a degree.

Is there any way to work around that ?



We have recently added support for this in Projucer on develop, commit 70ad101. The Extra Frameworks field is now called Extra System Frameworks and there is a new field Extra Custom Frameworks to specify non system frameworks. You need to provide a path to your custom framework in the latter. Also, remember to update compiler and linker flag -F (frameworks search path).

As a side note, Projucer supports now embedded frameworks too via Embedded Frameworks, what will appear under Embed Frameworks build phase in Xcode.

Below, a complete example on how to setup Mixpanel framework in Projucer (which requires embedding the framework in binary). If your framework does not have to be embedded, then you can just add it to Extra Custom Frameworks field.

Hope that helps!

I’m still using ProJucer 4.3.1, but when I add absolute paths to the Extra Frameworks field in addition to System frameworks, they all show up fine in Xcode.

This works fine in my standalone application, but right now i’m realising that Xcode can’t find the framework headers when I use the same settings in my plugin project.

Is there anything specific about plugins in this regard ?

What do you mean by “Xcode can’t find the framework headers”. What errors are you getting exactly?

Well, I get an error on the line where I include the framework header, telling me that the header file can’t be found.