Jucer and Frameworks etc. on OSX

I did an experiment to see what it would take, and it looks like the current jucer doesn’t grok frameworks yet? It said it was going to include them as binary data?

The resulting xcode project would open - a parsing error it said.

I presume I can’t just add them to the xcode manually? They would be overwritten? Or just use the jucer for a one-shot deal maybe? I really just wanted a nice iPhone project.


You can add more libs as extra settings in the linker flags section.

They aren’t really appropriate for adding to the jucer project with all the normal files, because they’re not exactly cross-platform files.

Oh, so use the -F flag to link in Frameworks on just Mac? Thanks. It might be somewhat moot - I’m just discovering that iphone won’t let me use my own frameworks. There’s a bunch of work out the window.

BTW, how would I deal with ‘native’ sections? I have some .cpp/.mm/.h files specific to Mac, Linux/X etc.


I normally just add all the files to the project, but wrap each one in a big “#if JUCE_LINUX” type block.

For info…

I’ve just been converting some old projects to Introjucer projects and needed to add extra frameworks to both MaxOS and iOS and came across this thread.

The flag is -framework so to link to Accelerate.framework (which I need) it’s: