XCode Modules Linking Issues

I’m primarily a Windows developer, but I’m trying to get a native plugin that uses JUCE building on Mac. I’m using the .mm versions of the JUCE includes, since it’s my understanding that these are needed on Mac rather than the .cpp, but I’m still getting numerous linker errors related to the modules:

All of the module code is included in the project, and I’ve tried re-saving the .projucer file to re-build the includes. Why are these errors appearing? That is, what dependency/include is missing that’s needed to satisfy this?

It looks like the project isn’t linking some system frameworks (I think the symbols in the screenshot are from the CoreAudio framework). If you’re using the Projucer, all of these system libraries should be linked automatically.

It sounds like you might be adding the JUCE sources to your project manually, which probably won’t work. Instead, in the modules screen you should just add the modules that you want to use, and the Projucer will automatically take care of choosing between the .cpp or .mm files.