Additional Sub-Project for Plugin-Project in Projucer

Hello there!
We are developing plugins with JUCE for OSX and Windows and recently started to implement unit tests.
We decided to use Catch2 for this, as it’s possible to generate JUnit-Output that can be parsed in the Jenkins-Pipeline.

Now as this is a plugin-project the Projucer generates a couple of sub-projects, SharedCode and a additional for each plugin-type.
At the moment our unit tests live in a seperate Projucer command-line project that links against the SharedCode of our plugin. Obviously this is very cumbersome, it is not very tempting to add and run the unit tests, as a seperate instance of Projucer (and the IDE) needs to be opened, code metrics don’t work well, there is no good overview.

Therefore, I would love to have the possibility to add a additional (command line) sub-project for Plugins in the Projucer! Is this something that could be implemented in the near-future?

If not, do you have any suggestions about how to unit-test plugins? I know about the great PluginVal project, however i’d see this as end-to-end testing rather than unit-testing.

Im very happy and thankful for any advice!