I’m working on a plugin for a Runtime Environment similar to java. The RE can have a background/desktop, or “floating” windows (background hidden). I want to avoid a Titlebar on the GUI for my plugin.

There’s no problem if the desktop is visible, but when it’s hidden, the GUI of my plugin isn’t shown - only the dropshadow. If I make the titlebar shown, the whole GUI is visible. Any ideas how to fix this?

This is code to open the GUI:

void ScopeFXGUI::open(HWND scopeWindow)
    centreWithSize(100, 100);
    addToDesktop(ComponentPeer::windowHasDropShadow, scopeWindow); // <-- Only dropshadow shown
    //addToDesktop(ComponentPeer::windowHasDropShadow | ComponentPeer::windowHasTitleBar, scopeWindow); // <-- Whole GUI (incl ugly Tiltebar) shown
    mainContent = std::make_unique<MainContent>(scopeFX);