DialogWindow with transparent background and native titlebar

Hi Jules

I’m trying to create a (semi) transparent DialogWindow using the Native Titlebar, but it doesn’t work as expected:

  • native os titlebar with transparency -> invisible titlebar
  • juce titlebar with transparency -> visible titlebar

Moreover, in the native transparent case, the geometry of the contentComponent inside the resulting window seems odd. The content component is packed to the top of the window, and some space (apparently corresponding to the titlebar height) is left at the bottom.

Thanx in advance !

No, sorry, that’s just wishful thinking! There’s no way of mixing transparency with titlebars in windows xp!

I’m not surprised it’s getting it wrong, though it should probably throw an assertion to stop you trying to do this.

Ok ! Too bad !

But i really got no assertion when doing this. The only assertion thrown was when i hadn’t disabled dropShadow.

As I read in comments that it “doesn’t work properly for semi-transparent comps”, I called setDropShadowEnabled(false) and then got no more assertion.

Anyway, i’ll use juce title bar :slight_smile: