Native window titlebar for static modal DialogWindow?

Hi all,

simple question, i’m creating a model dialog window as such:

	const int dResult = DialogWindow::showModalDialog(T("title"), dialogComponent, mainWindowComponent, 
										Colour (0xff484848), true, false, false);

i can’t find any options in the documentation on how to have this modal window use the native OS look for it’s title bar.
is this possible somehow ?

Thanks :slight_smile:


since there’s no reply i’m assuming that it’s not possible ?

thanks again to someone who could confirm this :slight_smile:

the fact that showModalDialog exists does not mean you must use it.
create a DialogWindow like any other object

DialogWIndow *w = new DialogWIndow(blah, blah);

use ComponetPeer flags to give it a title bar, and show it using runModalLoop()

i think that should work, i’m in the ER now wiating so can’t really test it, but i think it should work.

A look and feel class can create a custom component for an alert window, so you could easily change the flags to give it a title bar.

Hope you’re ok!

it’s winter here my girfriends slipped and shattered her arm, but she’s fine.
i was bored in the er, thank god for wireless internet.

thanks guys, i’ll override it in my app look and feel class :slight_smile:
all the best to your girlfriend, i hope she has a quick recovery.