DialogWindow::showModalDialog (.....useNativeTitleBar

Hi Jules,

can you please add an useNativeTitleBar-option to showModalDialog()

[code]int DialogWindow::showModalDialog (const String& dialogTitle,
Component* contentComponent,
Component* componentToCentreAround,
const Colour& colour,
const bool escapeKeyTriggersCloseButton,
const bool shouldBeResizable,
const bool useBottomRightCornerResizer,
const bool useNativeTitleBar ) //default false
TempDialogWindow dw (dialogTitle, colour, escapeKeyTriggersCloseButton);

dw.setContentComponent (contentComponent, true, true);
dw.centreAroundComponent (componentToCentreAround, dw.getWidth(), dw.getHeight());
dw.setResizable (shouldBeResizable, useBottomRightCornerResizer);
dw.setUsingNativeTitleBar(useNativeTitleBar); //new
const int result = dw.runModalLoop();
dw.setContentComponent (0, false);
return result;


another very small request: the default Button-Text on showMessageBox should be “OK” not “ok” :), this should have no influounce in existing code because LocalicesdStrings uses not case-sensitife StringPairArray.

void AlertWindow::showMessageBox (AlertIconType iconType, const String& title, const String& message, const String& buttonText, Component* associatedComponent) { AlertWindowInfo info; info.title = title; info.message = message; info.button1 = buttonText.isEmpty() ? TRANS("OK") : buttonText;

Sounds like these are things that belong in the LookAndFeel, really…

Yes, this would be nice :slight_smile: