AdHoc Adding of Takes

I want to add takes in an adhoc manner. In other words, say I’ve recorded a 30 second vocal clip. I then move on and record other tracks. Later I return to that 30 second vocal clip and want to try another take, not as a new clip, which is the default behavior, but as another take of the original clip.

What the correct way to implement this?

I’ve played with the waveAudioClip->addTake(), but it seems to be something you do after the fact, while I want to add the newly recorded clip as a take to the original.

I am probably overlooking the obvious here. Any suggestions are most welcome!

So, I guess the simplified version of the question is;

How do I record a new take to an already existing clip?

The default behaviour is to just record a new clip. But I want this new clip to be another take of the original clip.


Sorry, not quite sure what you’re trying to do. Why doesn’t WaveAudioClip::addTake (newlyRecordedFile) do what you want?

By default, recording a file makes a new clip. It seems it should be possible to, say, right-click on an existing clip and record a new take that is added to that clip.

As things stand, recording a new clip simply creates a new clip on top of the existing one. They are separate clips. I want the newly recorded file to be a take of the existing clip.

No, that’s not currently possible. At the moment, all takes on a clip start from the same position so to get that behaviour you’d have to either trim the file manually before adding it as a take or do a punch recording and add the take when the recording has finished.


I will need to create my own version of adding takes to a clip. It seems more natural that takes are created and owned in the context of the clip.

If I get anything working that is not too ugly, I will post it here.