Advice needed to use reverb class in audio player app

Hello, I’m completely new to Juce, so apologies in advance if my question seems very basic. I’ve tried to implement an option to add reverb to a track on a basic audio player, but either the reverb effect is very subtle or I’ve done something wrong.
This is what I have so far:
In my header:

void reverbSettings (std::vector<float> _reverbValues);
void loadReverbToPlayer(AudioBuffer <float> _reverbBuffer);
AudioFormatManager& formatManager;
std::unique_ptr <AudioFormatReaderSource> readerSource;
AudioTransportSource transportSource;
ResamplingAudioSource resampleSource{&transportSource, false, 2};
Reverb reverb;
Reverb::Parameters reverbParameters;
ReverbAudioSource   reverbSource {&resampleSource, false};

In my cpp:

    void AudioPlayer::prepareToPlay (int samplesPerBlockExpected, double sampleRate)
    transportSource.prepareToPlay(samplesPerBlockExpected, sampleRate);
    resampleSource.prepareToPlay(samplesPerBlockExpected, sampleRate);
    reverbSource.prepareToPlay(samplesPerBlockExpected, sampleRate);

void AudioPlayer::getNextAudioBlock (const juce::AudioSourceChannelInfo& bufferToFill)

void AudioPlayer::reverbSettings (std::vector<float> _reverbValues)
    float room = _reverbValues[0];
    float wet = _reverbValues[1];
    float dry = _reverbValues[2];
    float dampen = _reverbValues[3];
    float width = _reverbValues[4];

    reverbParameters.roomSize = room;
    reverbParameters.dryLevel = dry;
    reverbParameters.wetLevel = wet;
    reverbParameters.damping = dampen;
    reverbParameters.width = width;

I’m initialising/reseting the slider values as follows

   roomSizeSlider.setValue (0.5);
    widthSlider.setValue (1.0);
    wetLevelSlider.setValue (0.5);
    dryLevelSlider.setValue (0.5);
    dampenSlider.setValue (0.0);

My aim is to be able to load and play a track, adjust the speed using a slider and a resampling source , and also, after adjusting the sliders to set parameters, apply a reverb to the track by pressing the button. My project builds and the track loads and plays and resampling to adjust the playback speed still works as expected, but I can’t hear any reverb. I’d love to think its working but just vey subtle, but I think the truth is that I’ve missed something. I’ve fed my transport source into my resampling source and my resampling source into my reverb source, then called get next audio block on my reverb source. I have checked that the slider values are being passed in correctly.

Thank-you in advance for your help.