After Computer Wakes From Sleep I Must Wait for WASAPI before device->Activate can be called succesfully

This is a continuation of this (Audio Callback Never Starts After Waking From Sleep - General JUCE discussion - JUCE) post a made a little while ago. However, I have been able to determine a lot more about the problem and was hoping a more pointed title might pique someone’s interest.

WASAPI sends a connection error message when I try to reconnect to an audio device after waking from sleep. If I have a break point or I wait a substantial amount of time or I sleep the message thread for1 - 1.5 seconds then everything connects as usual. The exact call that makes creates the error is
device->Activate on line 555 of juce_win32_WASAPI.cpp. It’s worth mentioning I am using JUCE 5 and updating isn’t an option for this project.

bumping this in hopes someone with WASAPI and JUCE experience might see it. Is there a way to respond to a WASAPI IAudioSessionEvent at a “higher” level than the WASAPI interface that JUCE implements i.e. is there a way I can respond to this error without having to implement my own WASAPI interface?

Which version of JUCE 5? There were some WASAPI fixes which might be relevant between JUCE 5 and now:

5.3.2. I looked at some of these a couple weeks ago and tried swapping out the juce_win32_WASAPI.cpp and header just to see if it solved the problem but didn’t have any luck. That first one is particularly interesting as it sounds like the problem I am having. Hmm thanks for post anyways might be worth me having a second look at these fixes