Alert Window addCustomComponent issue 7.0.2

When I add an alert window in the current develop branch, and add a custom component it will show the button text separately from the button. (See code/picture.)

juce::AlertWindow alert("Title","Message", juce::MessageBoxIconType::NoIcon, this);
alert.addButton("Yes", 0);
alert.addButton("No", 1);
auto button = std::make_unique<juce::ToggleButton>("Don't ask again");
button->setBounds(0, 0, 300, 40);
auto status = alert.runModalLoop();

If I add in button->setName(""); to this code, it works as expected.

In juce::AlertWindow Line 352, there is a loop which goes through the custom components and draws fitted text, which is causing this issue. Is there a reason it does this?

Also, I would love to use the showAsync call, but there is no option to add a custom component to the MessageBoxOptions. Would that be a possibility to add in the future, so I can remove the JUCE_MODAL_LOOPS_PERMITTED flag from my project? Or add the ability to include a toggle button, to the alert window?