AlertWindow font size



I’m trying to change an AlertWindow font size (e.g height) via LookAndFeel::getAlertWindowFont() returning Font(12.0f) but nothing… :frowning:

May be problem is in here:

void AlertWindow::setMessage (const String& message)
    const String newMessage (message.substring (0, 2048));

    if (text != newMessage)
        text = newMessage;

        font.setHeight (15.0f); // ?? may be getLookAndFeel().getAlertWindowFont().. or some kind of..

        Font titleFont (font.getHeight() * 1.1f, Font::bold);
        textLayout.setText (getName() + "\n\n", titleFont);

        textLayout.appendText (text, font);

        updateLayout (true);

if it is not, please, point me out how to do that?

Thank you… Bye.


Yes, that class is pretty inflexible, it could certainly be moved to a lookandfeel method…