AlertWindow Look & Feel

Warning: this may be a storm in a cup for many :slight_smile:

In my app I have to use embedded fonts. I can pretty much replace the default sans font throughout juce, with heavy subclassing of LookAndFeel. But the AlertWindow, as you can see below, can only be so much different (compare the default JUCE font and the app’s embedded font).

Questions / requests:

  • Could the font member of AlertWindow be protected instead of private (for subclassing)?
  • Along those lines, it’d be nice to have another protected bold font member for the title (right now it’s dynamically created). Making embedded fonts bold is not trivial.
  • OR: leave them private, but have a setFont() and setTitleFont() public methods - this way subclassing isn’t necessary.

Thanks for your time

Still wondering if there’s any chance for an AlertWindo setFont() and setTitleFont() method :wink:

Yeah, I’m happy to do that, just a bit pushed for time right now…

Thanks, I appreciate it!

Totally offtopic, but I really like your skin, simple and yet sweet to glare at.

Thanks! The skin is still very rough around the edges, but the l&f is really easy to customize for the most part. I wish there were more member set/get interface functions for the gui classes though, because a lot of LookAndFeel duplication wouldn’t be necessary for simple modifications.