I finally took the update to the newest GIT version and am building on my new plugin. I now get the next screen when working with the AlertWindow. On the older Juce version (july 2011) things showed up as it should.

AlertWindow w ("Empty Room Systems", "Dim D v1.0.2", AlertWindow::NoIcon, ERSButton); w.addTextBlock ("Naam: " + naam); w.addTextBlock ("Organisation: " + organisatie); w.addTextBlock ("Serialnumber: " + serial); w.addTextBlock ("Registration: " + registratie ); w.addTextBlock (L"");

Also the hyperlink does not work. What am I doing wrong??

Ah, it’ll be that dratted complex text layout… You can disable it with the JUCE_USE_DIRECTWRITE flag if it’s causing you problems. (I’m now thinking I should probably have turned it off by default)

Thank you for your fast responce.

I disabled it in Introjucer, did a clean rebuild in VS2010, but still get the same results. Any other ideas?

Ah, well it’s probably not that then! Not sure, maybe something I’ve done in AlertWindow. TBH I never designed it to have a load of text blocks like that, maybe try just using one block, and break up your string with newlines?

Okay, will try that. I’ll look in some of the demo’s to see some examples. I could not get it to work instantly.

When testing with one Textblock, the text is also cut in half.


Thanks, I’ll investigate…

Any news? :slight_smile:

Sorry, I forgot! Fixed now!

Hmmm, I must be doing something wrong…

I downloaded the latest GIT version. Copied and replaced all the files in my juce directory with the new files. I cleaned the juce build and rebuild juce. I cleaned the plugin build and rebuild.

I still see the half of the text. I must be missing something…


This is the commit:

Hmm, that seems to be set correctly. After rebuilds of Juce and my new plugin I still have the same problem.


Well, I saw exactly the same problem you had, and my change fixed it…

Fixed it :slight_smile: Thank you! I forgot to open the plugin with the Introjucer. So I did not copy the new modules in the project.