Bug: TextLayout doesn't display text properly on alert windows (Sometimes)

JUCE version: Bleeding edge, just downloaded from GitHub.

Operating system: Windows 10 (This may be a Windows specific bug, I don't know).


In an app that I am creating, occasionally(seemingly randomly) when I display this alert box when the user tries to close the window, the TextLayout puts all the text on one line and squishes it together.


Here is what it is supposed to look like:


And here is what it sometimes does look like:


This bug occured when I was using the default look and feel, as well as with my custom look and feel.


This bug also happens in the JUCE demo (Infact, in the JUCE demo, it happens without fail):

(During the taking of this screenshot I also noticed the glitch you can see in the JUCE demo there on the left, when I was using Windows 7, this JUCE demo bug didn't occur so I think it may just be Windows 10)


Therefore, I believe this is a bug, but if I am doing something silly, feel free to tell me.




Thanks for reporting this issue!

We are aware of it, and it seems to mainly be appearing on Windows 10 at the moment (suspected bug in DirectWrite). I have been digging into it this week and made some progress, but a fix isn't on the cards just yet.

As a workaround in the meantime, you can disable DirectWrite. :)