All Knowing Crash Detector

So … I’ve really enjoyed the crash detection in Juce:

I’ve set this up to create a crash log with the stack trace, and email me the next time the program starts.

It even works for plugins (that is it detects if the DAW crashes) and logs the stack trace.

What’s really cool about that is that it manages to see crashes that have nothing to do with my plugins (if my plugin is running, and something - anything - causes the DAW to crash, it will log it and let me know).

So … this is all well and good, I have to sort through the crash dumps and figure out which are relevant to my plugins, and which are totally unrelated.

The thing is, I get a number of crashes that I’m just not sure about. They reference “VSTPluginMain”, so I know it’s plugin related … but many of these crashes don’t reference anything that I recognize.

Is there a better way to read the tea leaves here? Are these crashes happening while the DAW is scanning? Or is it some plugin, but in a scope that somehow doesn’t have any of the stack from the plugin itself?

Here is an example: