All-new demo app!

Wow, it's here! Awesome!

Great job!


Thank you, Jules and Dave

Well done!

BTW,  there's a little typo in the Timers & Events demo, "which" is written twice.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks! We're pretty pleased with it.

BTW,  there's a little typo in the Timers & Events demo, "which" is written twice.

Ah, that'll be Dave's work.. I fixed a lot more spelling mistakes than programming mistakes in his code cheeky

Just a minor issue in the MDI Demo:

If the + button of a Note is pressed, the multiDocumentPanel goes into tabs-mode. But the "Show with tabs"-ToggleButton is not updated correspondingly. To go back to the floating windows, the "Show with tabs"-ToggleButton has to be clicked twice (first to toggle, second to untoggle).

Awesome demo, love it! Re-juventated juce-thusiasm.

A small bug that it exposes - if you mess with the component transform page, and flick between renderers on Mac, it appears that the gradients don't transform correctly in the OpenGL Renderer.




Thanks guys - yes, I know about those things, they're on my to-do-list!

Midi i/o demo handles midi events through callbacks.

On the other side, my plugin handles midi i/o in processBlock().

Which way is preferable?


Thanks for new demo!!!

The demo application accesses the MIDI device while your plugin only gets MIDI data from the host (which during playback won’t come from any hardware).

Fantastic! the live shader editor is awesome and will save me a lot of time trying things out! Nice to see some examples of Box2D and the affine transform stuff as well. Great work!

In other words, midi handling thru callbacks are sufficient for standalone apps while in processBlock() midi handling is for a plugins, where host app handles all midi routing?