Anchored at bottom and subtracted from height bug

Using the the Introjucer in JUCE 3.0.7, I am experiencing the following bug with a widget in a parent component:



absolute distance from bottom of parent

anchored at bottom of component



subtracted from height of parent


This results in the following Jucer markup:

pos="64 50Rr 66 278M"


and the following generated C++ code:
widget->setBounds (64, getHeight() - 50 - getHeight() - 278, 66, getHeight() - 278);

Which results in my widget drawing outside the clip bounds of the parent component.  The problem is one of order-of-operations in the Y position and could be solved with parenthesis:

widget->setBounds (64, getHeight() - 50 - (getHeight() - 278), 66, getHeight() - 278);


I haven't tested, but I would guess that this same issue may have other similar bug recipes.

Ok, I've tweaked that code now - try it again!

Yup, fixed now.  Thank you!