Android apps using Oboe?

I’m interested in any Android apps which are using Oboe. We (the Android audio framework team) are currently working with Android OEMs to help them get better audio performance in new devices and need a good set of apps using Oboe/AAudio for testing.

If your app is using Oboe please reply with your app name and Play store link. I will also be publishing a list of apps on the Oboe github site.

Not sure if apps in beta are relevant to you but if you send your gmail address I’d be happy to add you to the beta (currently internal) for SpaceCraft granular synth.

It was complete carnage before enabling Oboe. Several devices were reporting buffers as large as 4800 samples. Once Oboe was enabled it magically worked across all devices !


That’s really great to hear. Once the app is public please add a comment to this issue and I’ll update this page.