Android build with CMake

I’ve been reading about how to build a Juce project for Android, based on this link. I have yet to try this with Android Studio, but the rest of my builds are configured with CMake, so i was wondering if anyone has found a way to cross compile to Android using CMake? Is the process scriptable at all?

Atsushieno (whom you can find on The Audio Programmer Discord server) wrote about this topic in: JUCE + CMake + Android, now works

I have to admit I didn’t give a deep look at it yet.

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Oof, certainly not the short read I was hoping it would be.

My ultimate dream is to be able to write a single shell script that can execute the Android cross-compile on a CI machine such as GitHub actions, but it seems this will be a much more involved process.

Perhaps I’ll wait and see if Reuk has any more gifts in store for us CMake lovers in the next few months…