Android NDK windows

I got JUCE 4.2.4 (latest version) and have android studio, installed the ndk-bundle, but juce can’t find it

Any tip on how to repair. We are a group on people, and no one could make it work, that around 12 different computers

I tried running in administrator mode and not working.

Also checked this posts:

And nothing to resolve this issue. Also changing to Ubuntu or Mac is not an option, so please don’t

That’s odd. Are you sure you are pointing it to the correct ndk bundle. Android studio will usually put the ndk into AppData\Local\Android\sdk\ndk-bundle with the newest version of android studio.

Ok… after many testing the last version JUCE will detect is version 11C.

If I try version 12 o 13, it stays in red, but version 11c and below is detected ok.

Anything on this??

I’ll fix this. What’s broken is only the colouring: you can ignore the red colour for NDK 12 and 13 on WIndows. It will still work. There is another error though that we need to fix. You need to change the app/build.gradle file and change the line




However, changing this will break the android build on OS X/Linux. So I need to find a better workaround for this…

I have just been biten by this.
The Juce demo do not compile out of the box with the Projucer and android studio on Windows because of this.

Have you found a fix in the meantime ?

Thanks !

A fix for this will come in the next few days.