Android Networking question

Hello there, I'm assessing using JUCE for a simple Android game I've been asked to do, since I'm already familiar with its graphics routines etc. I know that JUCE can do all I need in terms of graphics etc. but I'm not sure how much it can do in terms of networking?

The game is an academic project to collect statistics on players' performance (players will be aware of this of course). Can you do simple networking from JUCE on Android? Just http POST and GET requests would be fine.

Hi, I've done some [MQTT/general TCP/IP & sockets] ( tested on Android/PC/Linux, not had a chance to test on iOS/OSX, but see no reason why not). You can also access RESTful i/f & GET/POST to http (build JuceDemo, and have a play on your phone, would be mysuggestion)

Have a look at the sockets module (remember to ensure Andoid app has internet access rights etc) -


Great, thanks! Yes, I should really just get the Demo built for my phone.

Just a couple of gotchas to know when building on eclipse (YMMD):

0) I generally create a new Eclipse project, from existing code, point it to the Jucers' Android project folder, hit refresh, and then OK

1) Remember to add Native support {This is important!, eclipse doesn't seem to spot all those C++ files imply native support by default }

2) Sometimes Eclipse fails to find AndroidManifest.xml {which is plainly in the project, and does exist!} - In my case, I've found just opening, browing around the file and closing it seems to cure Eclipse's issue.