Building Juce android under Windows


im trying to use the latest everything (yes i know) under windows. now, is everyone else building for android on Linux or Mac, or does Windows work. And are you all using eclipse or command line/Ant ?

my setup builds and runs a regular Android sample (non-juce), so I used the introjucer to make a simple project. when i build, a build dialog pops up for a fraction of a second (which i cant read), then it goes away and there are no logs or console messages.

when i run (simulator), it gets as far as loading the app, which then fails with something missing.

So, it’s clear to me that, basically, none of my app is really building, only the java wrappers. so the JNI stuff is being ignored. is this something anyone else knows about, or am i doing it all wrong.

thanks for any info.

I suspect that you are failing at the library load, that is, the .so of all the native stuff is not getting compiled. I don’t know what the ‘fearless leader’s’ experience with this stuff has been, but I found getting native development working, period, to be enough to make me an avid hater of Android for the rest of my life.

What happens when you import a sample project from the NDK? I would suspect a similar problem. If you want to build from inside Eclipse, you will probably want to install Sequoyah as an add-on. The steps for building then should be something like:

Select New/Project, from existing source.
Point to your generated Introjucer build/android folder
Right click on the new project and select Android Tools, Use Native…

Eclipse will then offer to switch to Native View, and you’ll have a build project option in the menus and can run from there.

Building the NDK samples is similar, but you’d typically just “Import” those projects.

I just tried this on my Android build system and definitely built most of the JUCE library for JUCEDemo, then it died on GUI extras because of a missing reference (getDefault something name). I opened the Introjucer and created a simple project with GUI extras off and it built all the way through (though I got a complaint about no .apk, and had to rename the Eclipse project to exactly match the Introjucer project name).

The former is probably just because I just switched to the bleeding edge of the Modules branch, the later is normal Android development - crappy tools cobbled together.

Good Luck!