Android path length on Windows

Hi, Due to the limit of the build path length on Windows I find myself constantly trying to shave a character or 2 off the name of files when things don’t build - not helped by some of the long juce filenames (this one is often the culprit: include_juce_audio_plugin_client_Standalone.cpp.o). I can see that everything gets built into a “.externalNativeBuild” folder and wonder whether this is generated by Projucer, and if so, could this be shortened to “.enb” or something which would give us oodles of characters to play around with.

I was hoping this length limit would have been address in AS 3.x, but doesn’t appear to have been so far.


No that’s not generated by the Projucer. It’s quite deep in Android Studio’s gradle based build system, so not something we can change easily. But we should definitely shorten include_juce_audio_plugin_client_Standalone.cpp when we get round to re-writing/re-factoring that file.

Are there any plans from the AS team to fix this limitation? Seems strange that such a limitation even exists in 2018.

No idea - will see if there’s an issue raised for it. Agreed, it’s pretty poor