Android Simultaneous audio playback and video capture

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I was looking at this in the docs:

The Android camera also requires exclusive access to the audio device, so make sure you
close any open audio devices with AudioDeviceManager::closeAudioDevice() first.

However looking at a Galaxy 9, one can start Spotify playing a song, then switch over to Snapchat to start recording video and audio. During capture, Spotify’s output remains uninterrupted. After capture Snapchat will playback the video and audio in a loop where you will hear the segment of Spotify audio it captured mixed with the current Spotify output. No glitches or issues at all.

How is this possible? Is such a thing possible with JUCE as well, or is there currently a limitation on how JUCE captures Video?

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I would assume that the “requires exclusive access to the audio device” is referring to exclusive access to the microphone, rather than the speaker. Certainly you can open a recording stream in one app and still have multiple playback streams in others.

Ah thanks, Don. Thats good to know. I have noticed iOS can allow you to record Audio+Video from the camera device at the same time audio separately. So yes you end up recording the same audio twice! This is probably what’s not possible with Android - based on the docs.