How can I use both of the microphones on android device?

Hi guys,

does anyone know how can I access both of the microphones on my android device ( Samsung Galaxy S5 ).

What I mean is that I want to record from both of these microphones and when I initialise the AudioDeviceManager like this : audioManager.initialise(2, 2, nullptr, true); ., only one microphone records and the other isn't initialised.

Is it possible to initialise and record from both of these microphones ? ( Almost all samsung galaxies have 2 microphones as far as I know )


Currently JUCE only supports one microphone on Android.

Actually I made a test using an audiowave showing the audio that's comming from input channels.

First I initialised the 2 inputs and then added an AudioCallback to the audioWave component :

audioManager.initialise(2, 0, nullptr, true);

And with this I can detect that both of the microphones work just testing them one by one and seeing the waveform changing.

The thing is that I want to display two AudioForm's for each microphone and not both of them together.

I just don't know if there any method on Juce that can do this.

Thank's for the reply. ;)