Android TextEditor popup keyboard problems on 6.1.5

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I added a single TextEditor component to the default AndroidTest app created by Projucer simply by adding “juce::TextEditor textEditor1;” to MainComponent.h, then “addAndMakeVisible(&textEditor1);” in MainComponent::MainComponent(), finally “textEditor1.setBounds(0, 0, getWidth(), getHeight() / 2);” in MainComponent::resized(). So the simplest test case I can think of for a TextEditor component.

When I run this the popup keyboard either doesn’t show-up or appears briefly and then disappears. I have seen some older posts about this but didn’t see any concrete solutions. I am debugging directly and seeing that textInputRequired() in juce_android_Windowing.cpp does get called and then dismissPendingTextInput() is immediately called after from TextEditor::mouseDown().

I am new to Android development and this seems like basic functionality so I must be doing something wrong? Before I start editing juce code to fix this I was wondering if anyone might have insight into what newbie mistake I might be making, or if this is a known issue with 6.1.5?


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In debugging this I suspect there is a bug in TextEditor::mouseDown(). Instead of dismissing text input at line 1845 in juce_TextEditor.cpp it should be raised. This might effect iOS as well but I have not tested it there.


I’ve the same problem with 6.1.5… (and 6.1.6)
Android keyboard is full Ok with 6.1.4.
Sorry, no solution found.

I upgraded my application from JUCE 5 to JUCE 6.1.6 and also encountered this same problem on 6.1.6.