Problem posting (Android problem)

I've got an app which consists of a DocumentWindow, which contains a label and a text editor and a few others.

Bascially, it's just a single-pane where the user can enter stuff and get a response.

But on Android, when I click in the text editor I don't see any virtual keyboard... so there's no way for me to enter text.

The DocumentWindow is 'full screen', but that shouldn't make a difference, I think.

Does anyone have a hint why I don't see the keyboard?   Do I maybe have to do some sort of setting in the app somewhere?  On OSX,Windows and Linux the app works fine...

Seems it stuck, so I'll mention my problem:

The Android build I'm not getting the virtual keyboard to show up at all.

My TextEditor does not send off a textInputRequired() message so the Java code cannot ever do the right thing.

I just tested on the iOS simulator, and the same code works there just fine; so it's something Android-specific

Dunno if it's the same issue, but the keyboard doesn't appear on the (Android) OpenGl demo'stext-pane, either.

{I haven't checked if it ought-to}

Jules?  The problem is that keyboard doesn't pop up on Android like it does (for the same app) on iOS.  Is this a known issue?

If you build JuceDemo for your Android device, check the Cryptography demo - and click on the Lower (Hashes) panel - On my devices a little keyboard pops-up (Sadly, it doesn't appear in the lower/text panels of the OpenGl demos - which would be nice)


thanks, i'll take a look

Turns out my actual problem was very simple: I subclassed the TextEdit focus callbacks, but didn't call the TextEdit callbacks; so the processing never happend.