Create Virtual Keyboard Component for TextEditor


Due to a limitation with Android and setting the keyboard type programmatically, I'm thinking of creating a numeric keypad input component in JUCE, for the TextEditor subcomponent of Slider. 

I've already made some changed to TextEditor giving it a keyboardType member, so I can check for numeric keyboard type. (I've sent Jules a patch for this)

I'm going to see where I need to override the OS call to showKeyboard. 

Just wondering if anyone else has done this already and might have some pointers or code to share. 




Note: I am also going to try doing it all in Java as per this post on stackoverflow:




Is this the function you are talking about:

void TextEditor::setKeyboardType ( VirtualKeyboardType  type ) ?


The thing is that it is not documented and I have no idea how to use it. Setting VirtualKeyboardType::numericKeyboard has no impact on what is shown on my dev Android tablet. Probably I just don't understand how to use it.




Yes it has no effect on Android due to security limitations. 


So it works on iOS then? I have no way of trying that out at the moment.