Another thing that’s been lying around on my hard drive for ages here, but my free webspace was down so I couldn’t upload it earlier. It just came back to life today, so I figured I’d upload it.

It’s a set of general purpose Animation classes, which can be extended for pretty much any purpose. Some of the design ideas might seem a little weird, but I was going for maximum flexibility at the time (as ComponentAnimator was far too restrictive for my liking, and I was feeling rebellious).

It’s all commented so it should hopefully be self explanatory. Animator.h explains how the base system works, TimedAnimation.h shows one way of making a more useful Animation base class to work with, and ComponentAnimations.h shows an example implementation of the system for a particular type of target.

There’s a bunch of other test examples in there, along with a demo (also present as win32 binary).

I imagine the design could be improved, but it works really well and the ‘building blocks’ approach means it’s pretty straightforward to design any kind of animation with it.

Very very nice, haydxn!!!
I’m impressed with openning animation possibilities!!! 8)

thanks for these animation classes. and good to see you back on the web again (i mean, with your own webspace).