Announcing JUCE 6

Will Juce 6 support “distributed VST3”, implying a context-separation between the gui and the dsp ? Thanks!

Doesn’t AAX also support this concept? Same question if so. It raises interesting questions on how arbitrary data is passed from the DSP through to the UI for things like meters and general audio visualisations though, so would be quite a challenge. Not sure if any hosts actually require this, do they?

The AudioUnit standard on OSX supports this concept since forever using Properties that could be sent over the network, but JUCE does not. It relies on accessing the AudioProcessor pointer from the GUI and uses some direct calls from the GUI to the Processor object.
Theoretically if all data was ValueTree based, ValueTrees could be synchronised using different methods, but as it stands creating an editor already requires a pointer to the processor.

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Hi, I’m very interested in starting to use Metal in Juce 6 when it officially launches.
Will there be any Metal demos available, like the OpenGL demos?
Dave H.

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for anyone that uses dash i just put up a build of the juce 6 preview docs.

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Will Juce 6 support “distributed VST3”, implying a context-separation between the gui and the dsp ? Thanks!

If you want it, please add your vote to the feature request:


this is just a quick note of appreciation for @t0m and the rest of the team.

checked out the juce6 branch last night for some weekend hacking, and the new CMake API is a major game-changer.

though i have nothing against the Projucer, it has always been a minor but significant point of friction. now i can (e.g.) easily add a JUCE-based client to an existing cross-platform library project with minimal tool-juggling; importantly, the resulting project can be shared with a wider array of collaborators who already use CMake.

(i’d be curious in the future to see how people are making use of the API…)

i expect i can drum up some new customers for JUCE licenses based on this change. :slight_smile:

[ed: apologies for posting on the announcement thread, i missed the thread for the technical preview branch.]


Is the release date still June 2020? Any idea of when it’ll be available? I’m willing to purchase a license as soon as it’s available.

JUCE 6 will be available to purchase in about 20 minutes :slight_smile:


20 minutes? Ok! I guess I can wait then… :smiley:

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I just got and compiled the new producer 6.0.0 and it says my sign in not valid for it.


Are you using the same credentials as your JUCE account?

Yes, I’m using what has worked for 2 years I believe. It signs me in but says it’s not compatible. I have an indie licence.

OK, I think I know what’s going on here. I suspect it’s this:

The legal wording in the JUCE 5 EULA means that we cannot upgrade people’s subscriptions automatically (but this is fixed for JUCE 6).

I’m in Canada, am I supposed to be paying VAT? If it’s null VAT, why does it increase the price?

Monthly amount thereafter

$50.00 (including null VAT at 25%)

No, that’s not right. We’ll fix.

Update: should be fixed now, just need to wait 10 mins for the shop to come back online

OK t0m, thanks for the reply. How do I fix this?
edit OK I’ve gone back to 5 which is available with
git checkout 3050ab7060
… which I presume is the last 5.

Yep, 3050ab70 is the final JUCE 5 commit - using the code past that point in closed-source commercial applications will require a JUCE 6 licence. Disabling the splash screen option in the JUCE 6 Projucer will also require a JUCE 6 licence but you are no longer required to sign in to use it, and no analytics will be collected either in the Projucer or JUCE apps built with 6.

The message you are seeing it to flag that the splash screen is disabled without a compatible licence type found in your account, and saving and exporting the project will be disabled. To re-enable, you can either enable the splash screen setting or sign in with an account that has a JUCE 6 Indie or Pro licence, or is using the GPL.


Thanks I think I understand, so how do I become a 6 user for my next project?

You can upgrade your subscription to JUCE 6 in your JUCE account dashboard: