JUCE 6 Released

After a couple of months on the juce6 technical preview branch and plenty of tweaking, JUCE 6.0.0 has just been released!

The full feature list and announcement can be found on the JUCE website here and it’s available to download now from the JUCE website or from GitHub.

In conjunction with this, we have also released a new JUCE online account where you can manage your JUCE licences and subscriptions, and a new and updated JUCE shop for purchasing JUCE 6 licences. You can find out more about these here.

Important note for existing JUCE 5 subscription holders
Due to the JUCE 5 EULA wording not being compatible with the JUCE 6 subscription price increase, active JUCE 5 subscriptions will not be automatically upgraded to JUCE 6 subscriptions. You will need to manually upgrade your subscription to a JUCE 6 subscription in your account page at https://juce.com/account/subscription/edit.

Finally, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone here on the forum for their valuable input
during the preview stage - we can’t guarantee that JUCE 6 is bug-free but there are certainly fewer
thanks to your help over the past few months!



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First - Congratulations on the release!

Second - I am taking a quick look at lunch and something does seem amiss in Projucer’s LiveBuild function. I don’t use it much myself, but it is very helpful when drafting a UI.

Some of the code appears to be missing the ‘juce::’ prefix. For example, in projucer_ExportedFunctions.h, projucer_LiveComponentUtils.cpp, projucer_Components.h, and projucer_Utility.h, it appears to be missing before Rectangle, SelectedItemSet, Component, and Point.

Thanks for flagging this. This is because by default for new JUCE projects we don’t add using namespace juce to the global header - you can fix the problem by setting Add "using namespace juce" to JuceHeader.h to Enabled in the project settings and re-saving.

How does this work? It just seems to have the option to convert from personal to an educational licence?

That doesn’t look right for a subscription licence. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we’ll look into what’s going on in your account.

@DavidCNAntonia Your account should be fixed now.

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Thanks, I can now upgrade.


I seem to have a similar issue as David though:

I would like to upgrade to JUCE 6 Indie - One-off perpetual price.
Not urgent, but if you find a moment to look into this, that’d be great?

@koentanghe I had the same as you in this screen listing the “Licenses activated”.
But if you go to the shop and select juce 6 indie, you should be able to purchase it there directly (and with the 30% discount)

however as soon as I purchased Juce 6, my Juce 5 license disappeared from my account. Is that a bug, or does that mean that Juce5 is included when purchasing a Juce6 license?

Ah, yes, that works! Thanks! All solved then!

Edit: OK, I saw your second paragraph and I think I’ll wait a bit longer until things look more stable. Eager to send some money to the JUCE devs :wink:

That’s not a bug - a JUCE 6 licence gives you the right to use JUCE 5 (and all previous versions too).

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Doesn’t work for me. It shows Pro 4 and Pro 6. My Pro 5 vanished. We’ve purchased 5 Pro perpetual licenses about three months ago but never “activated” them (we had three pro subscriptions, so we didn’t care). Now that 6 is out, we’ve purchased three perpetual ones of those. But it only shows Pro 4 and Pro 6 in our account.

Congrats on the release!

On 14 June I purchased a Juce 5 perpetual Indie license, with the understanding that when Juce 6 was released I would be able to upgrade to Juce 6 perpetual and only pay the difference in cost between the two licenses ($100).

How can I take advantage of that upgrade price? In the Shop am only offered the regular 30% discount.

In my Account, I see the same as is shown in @DavidCNAntonia’s screenshot: my Juce 5 license, and a Juce 6 personal license with the option to “convert to an educational license”.

EDIT: Sorted by email. Thanks!

I have used the GUI Editor to build relatively complex Callout Box interfaces for development such as the one attached. I consider it essential. When I upgraded to JUCE 6.0 the gui editor disappeared from my projects.
Is there a way to get it back in 6.0 ?
On another point, something that has been at the very top of my JUCE feature ‘Wish List’ would be native mp4 AAC audio playback support under Windows. I can live without the encoder but the lack of mp4 AAC playback support under Windows is a significant limitation.
Is there a ‘Feature Wish List’ site where users can register and up vote suggested features for JUCE ?

It’s disabled by default in the JUCE 6 Projucer, but you can enable it via the “Tools” menu.

We have the feature requests category here on the forum where you can submit requests and other users can upvote them. We prioritise features for the roadmap based on votes.


Congrats to the release! I have just upgraded my plugin to JUCE 6 and almost everything looks fine. One thing though: the drag and drop behavior within FL studio has changed. I did not alter anything else and could do a before / after test: before the upgrade drag and drop from the FL Studio file browser to the plugin was recognized. Now it is not anymore. Drag and drop within the plugin works fine. Also in the standlone version there does not seem to be an issue. Any ideas?

I also have the same “Convert to educational” issue as others, seems like it might be a widespread problem?

I think the confusion here is coming from the fact that the activation of a licence and the purchase of a licence are two separate things.

When you purchase a subscription or a perpetual licence then the JUCE account with that email address will be able to administer that licence (change the subscription, change the allocation of serials to users). But if you have only activated a licence then you don’t have access to the purchaser’s information.

If this case applies to you, and you wish to combine the two accounts, then please contact support@juce.com.

All JUCE accounts are automatically granted a JUCE 6 Personal licence, which can be converted to/from an Educational licence depending on which terms you fall under. As mentioned in the OP, existing JUCE 5 subscription holders will not be automatically upgraded to JUCE 6 subscriptions so you will not see a JUCE 6 licence in your account until you have either upgraded your current subscription via https://juce.com/account/subscription/edit or purchased a JUCE 6 perpetual licence.

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