The New JUCE Online Account

Hello everyone.

We’ve recently introduced a new online account where you can manage your JUCE licences and subscriptions. This account replaces all of the functionality currently provided by My ROLI, including Single-Sign-On to the forum.

If you have previously used the JUCE forum, or activated the Projucer or a JUCE serial in My ROLI, you can use your My ROLI credentials to sign in to your JUCE account and the forum.

Existing licence data from My ROLI has been migrated into your JUCE account.

Each seat of a JUCE licence has an associated serial number. To activate a licence seat you must redeem this serial number in your JUCE account. This works in exactly the same way as My ROLI did previously.

On top of this, if you have purchased JUCE serials, you will be able to see which JUCE accounts have activated your serials, and optionally revoke them so you can pass them to a different user within your organisation.

You can also manage your JUCE subscription by

  • Adding or removing seats
  • Cancelling a subscription
  • Changing your licence type
  • Changing your payment card details

Your JUCE account provides a record of all of your previous JUCE purchases and subscription payments, and provides downloads of the associated invoices and receipts.

You can sign in to your JUCE account here:

If you experience any problems with your new account please contact JUCE support at