Roli and juce accounts


today while downloading grapefruit I had to create a Roli account and I could not use my existing Juce C++ account (the one that I am using on this forum). Why can we not use the same account for both?

It was acknowledged by either jules or jb a while ago how lame this is, so we at least know they're aware of the problem. Unfortunately, JUCE website changes/improvements propogate at a glacial pace, so I'm not holding my breath it will happen anytime soon...


What is even more strange is that earlier that day  I had downloaded Grapefruit on another computer and  I was not requested  to authenticate or register.



Yes, we are aware of the issue. You do need a separate myROLI account. Unfortunately, keeping track of accounts and licences requires loads of stuff on the web backend side which is quite complicated to develop and maintain. Here in the JUCE Team we are no web experts, so we have to rely on our web team which is extremely busy doing all the other ROLI stuff as well. So please accept our apologies for the glacial pace of the improvements, and please believe us we want to have improved systems just as badly as you do!

And yes, technically you can run the Projucer without logging in, but then the live coding features will be disabled.

It still is not clear if we can use producer to build. The only message we got from the “Build” UI is “Sign in with your ROLI account to use the Projucer’s live-build features”. Can we build, if not live-build ? If so, how ?

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