[Feb 2017] All forum members will need to reset their passwords next week

Hi everyone,

On 2017-02-15 at 14:00 (UTC) we will be making some changes to how you log on to the JUCE forum, migrating to a single sign on for the forum and all other ROLI domains (my.roli.com, NOISE.fm and the NOISE app). If you currently have a forum account, a ROLI account will be automatically created for you that will allow you to log on to the new system. This should be very simple and the process for migrating accounts will be as follows:

  • JUCE forum users who also have a ROLI account with the same email address associated with it will be able to log in with their existing ROLI account details.

  • JUCE forum users with an available email and username will have a ROLI account created, the password for which will need to be reset (see below).

  • JUCE forum users with an available email but conflicting username will have a ROLI account created with “-juce” appended to their username. This only affects your username in the ROLI domains and your JUCE forum username will stay the same. The password for this account will need to be reset (see below).

Passwords cannot be exported from current forum profiles so they will need to be reset for users in the 2nd and 3rd scenarios above. This means that the first time you try to log on to the forum with your account email you will need to click the “forgotten password” button and follow the steps to change your password to one of your choosing (this can be the same as your current password).

Apart from this, the JUCE forum will continue to operate as normal - your old account details such as username, avatar, full name etc. will stay exactly the same. However, if you do experience any issues please post in this thread and we will try to resolve them.


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I have both a forum and a ROLI account. User names and email differs. There’s a way to join them or I’ll have two accounts?


Hi @zioaxiom,

Accounts are being merged based on email so if you change the email address associated with one of the accounts to be the same as the other (before 14:00 today) then they will be merged. If you don’t do this you will have two separate accounts but if this is an issue then just send me a message and we can manually merge your two accounts.


Thanks, Ed. I’ll change the email associated to this account.

I tried to go through the Forgot Password flow using my old email address, but clicking on the Reset Password link in the email takes me to a page with two buttons: Register and Sign-in, neither of which do anything.

I’ve had to register with a different email address, but would prefer to switch back to the old one if possible. Any suggestions?

@wellis Are you also logged in with a my.roli account? The JUCE forum account is managed by the same authentication system and uses the same cookie so you need to make sure that you are logged out of your my.roli account before attempting to reset your password for the JUCE forum by using this link: https://auth.roli.com/signout. You could also try to copy and paste the password reset link into an incognito session.

Let me know if this helps,

…just added a date to the title, as the original issue is long gone…
Not meaning to diminuish the people with issues, but “All users…” doesn’t apply any longer…


Yep, good idea. Thanks!

I managed to get the Reset Password link to work by copying into an Incognito session. Logging out of my.roli didn’t help. No idea exactly what the problem was, but my other account is active again now, so all good :slight_smile:

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It’s me!

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