Forum login process has now changed

Hi all,

As per this post, the login process for the forum has now changed to use ROLI accounts. Therefore, if you didn’t previously have a ROLI account one has been created for you and you will need to reset the password by logging out and clicking the “Forgotten your password?” link.

If you encounter any issues please post them in this thread and we will try to resolve them.


Hi Ed,
not a big issue, but will it be possible again to log in with the username rather than the email adress? It was so much less to type…
Greetings from a lazy guy

Unfortunately not as the ROLI account login uses emails as user names. However if you have a few thousand $ to spare, registering one of these domains might help to reduce your typing time.



…and to learn chinese :wink: well switching off the “purge cookies on browser close” might also help…
Thanks for the suggestion though