Forum login from iOS not possible

Login button will redirect to the roli-site, from which you can login into your roli-account, but you stay logged out from juce forum.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll be moving away from the my.roli SSO soon with the JUCE account changes for the release so this problem should go away.

@chkn are you still unable to log in from iOS?

I tried to login with my roli-credentails but it didn’t work, so i tried to reset my password, but the form where you enter your new password didn’t react when you press the button.

I can no longer login from macOS using Chrome or Safari. It doesn’t accept my old password. The password reset form does not work.

(I’ve had to create a new account to post this)

Apologies for that. There’s some password field validation misfiring, but we have a temporary fix in place now.

If you try again you will be able to change your password. Please make sure that you pick a password that’s more than 8 characters, has a mix of upper and lower case letters, and a number. (In a short while we’ll have proper validation hints working, but for now the form will let you set an invalid password that will then prevent you from logging in).

That seems to have fixed it. I’m back in.

After login from Safari didn’t work for a long time I’m suddenly re-appearing under my old username I changed a long while ago from my view on the Forum? Not sure if you all still see me as “PluginPenguin”?

You can change you username back to PluginPenguin using your account profile page:

You’ll need to sign out and back in to the forum afterwards. We now have one source of truth for your email address and username and that’s held in your account.

Thanks for your response. Howerver where on earth would I find the option to change my user name back to what it used to be?

Would expect something like the edit icon beneath the user name, but I don’t find any obvious place to change it :thinking: Maybe I’m overlooking something obvious :sweat_smile:

You need to change the username of your JUCE account using the URL I posted above. Your forum username is the same as your JUCE account username, but you’ll need to log out then back in to make it refresh.

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N.B. if you had different usernames for the Roli account and the forum (like me), you need to rename the one you want to use to something else before you can change the account to your old forum user name.

Doing a swap with temp user name worked with no issues and no delay in my case. I just needed to log out and back in at the end, then it became visible to everybody.

Thank you @t0m – didn’t realise that the link you posted referred to a different account settings page. Now everything works as it used to :upside_down_face: