My forum username changed? Became yairadix-2?

I used to be “yairadix”, but it appears I’m now “yairadix-2”.

This may have happened following resetting my password? Going to it doesn’t let me change my account back to “yairadix”, saying that it’s already in use? :man_shrugging:

Your are not alone < Forum username suffix after switching from ROLI >.

Yep, we’re on it.

This should only affect people who were using a different email address for their old My ROLI account and the JUCE forum. The usual symptom is: forum-name-2 forum-name

There are two ways of sorting this out.

  1. If you would like to keep a separation between the accounts then you can log in to the second and change it to forum-name-3, or something more appropriate, then change the first to forum-name.

  2. If you would like to unify the accounts (perhaps your JUCE purchases are contained in the account, and your forum history is in the account) then send an email to letting us know which email address you would like to use.

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