Forum and Safari on Mojave login

It seems like a Safari update on Mojave has made it so I can’t log into the forum… it logs me into but the forum remains logged out.

Firefox works, but I’d prefer to still use Safari.


I’ve just given the latest Safari on Catalina a try and everything appears to be working as expected.

We’ll keep a lookout for login errors, but since no one else has come forward over the weekend I suspect it’s a local issue.


It was working fine until Apple/Mojave updated Safari… and I’ve gone through and reset all relevant settings in Safari… The only clue is:


I noticed this too, it is no longer possible to log in using Safari. If I click the Log in button, the login page doesn’t show any fields at all, and from the javascript console it seems to get a lot of 401 and 403 errors when loading resources.

I cannot login on a new catalina installation.

I’m gonna bump this because I’m having the same issue on my Catalina systems with Safari.


We’re currently revamping all the login and account infrastructure to prepare for the launch of JUCE 6. The authentication process with change so hopefully this issue will vanish.

Has this been resolved in the meantime? After clearing all Cookies in Safari both on the Mac and on the iPhone, I cannot log in to the forum from Safari anymore – usign Firefox or Chrome instead works. Not sure if this is related or something differnt?

I’m on Catalina with Safari 13.1.1 if that matters