Can't login

The error that I get is “Unable to get licenses for user” and I am paying for an Indie license.
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Sorry there is an issue with our license servers atm. Should be fixed soon.

I’m also having trouble activating the Projucer. I dont get an error when logging it. I just see the “Subscribe” and “Switch account” buttons, and a message to subscribe in order to use the live-build features.

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@fabian I am getting the same login error. What should I do ?

I’ve sent you a pm.  

@fabian I can’t log in to the Projucer usingWindows 7. I am able to log in to my Roli account just fine. Anything I could do to make this work?

Thank you!

Can you be a bit more specific? What is the exact error message? Can you login with the Projucer on other OSes?

Thanks for your reply, @fabian.

I can login using Mac without problems.

The error message I get on Windows is “We experienced a problem when submitting your request. Please try again later.”

Attached is a picture with the message.

So the webview on Windows 7 uses the currently installed version of internet explorer. Could it be that you are using a really old version of the Internet explorer? Can you try upgrading to the newest?

Thank you, @fabian.

That solved the problem. My computer was not upgrading the explorer, had to reinstall Windows.


@fabian I’m also facing the same login error.

I have downloaded multiple versions of the Juce library.
I can login successfully in website and Projucer v5.2.0.
However when I try to login the Projucer v4.3.0 I get a “Invalid login. Please check your username and password” message.

Any ideas?

I’ve sent you a pm.

Same here. How can I resolve it?

The most common solution to this problem is that users are using the wrong e-mail address when logging in. For some reason, the e-mail on our communications, billing, login, etc. may be different to the e-mail you used when you registered with the Projucer.

Hi Fabian,
started having similar issues today.

  • I can log into just fine.
  • When launching a freshly installed Projucer on my Mac (10.13) I get the error message “We were unable to locate an existing user with these credentials” when trying to sign in.
  • On my Windows 7 PC I was already logged on but after these issues I made the mistake of logging off and now I cannot sign in again. Funnily enough, the error message is different: “We experienced a problem when submitting your request. Please try again later”.
  • The email address and password I am using is the same everywhere.

Any ideas?

I’ve sent you a PM.

Can’t login. Can you please help me? Is there a reason this particular problem have never been fixed in the last 4 years? I want to use JUCE for commercial development but seeing how you can’t fix a simple issue makes me wonder …

There is no unfixed bug with your particular issue logging in to your MyROLI account.

ROLI’s authentication server handles a large volume of traffic constantly and, whilst we can’t entirely rule out some kind of technical error on the server side, in this instance it’s almost certain to be a much simpler problem of a mistake in the credentials you’re trying to use.

Hi there. Have same issue after update to Catalina: incorrect login details in Projucer but I can sign in to I have my personal free account which works without problems but our team account is not working via Projucer. pls hlp

EDIT: after few attempts and changing password I have finally logged in, probably problems on servers

Your JUCE licences and logging in to the Projucer are now handled by your JUCE account: