Getting an account for open source dev

I am very interested in trying out JUCE, and am currently a bit of a beginner developer working on opensource software.  I was trying to get a community account to check this out as it looks like it may potentially be something I would fall in love with and use alot.  I cant seem to figure out how to actually get a validated login, as when I click select on the community option of the get juice page it just takes me to a page saying "Thank you registering. Your free community licence will be activated within the next 24 hours." and this was before I had even made an account for the forum and so I have no idea where it would have been sending me a license.  I had also done this a week or more ago and looked through my email to see if there was anything in there I had missed but no luck.

I also run a modular synth company where I design eurorack synthesizer modules ( and likely will wind up buying an indy account to design an ios app that communicates with a module somehow if my experiments in the opensource community account give me an impression that it would be a realistic project to begin.  For now though I just want to try making something basic in the free account to get a sense of the workflow and if I will be able to make something as a 1 person company :P

 for some reason software development in xcode seems 100 times more complecated and dificult then making code for hardware microcontrollers, and I think this is mainly due to the arduino opensource community that I was able to learn and begin making products in a year.  I am wondering if JUCE will be a similar helpful entry tool into software.  I had tried max/msp gen~ code export to make an au plugin but for some reason their tuturial didn't work out quite right, and I kindof wonder if I can help in finding a workflow between juce and gen~ for people to begin developing plugins and ios apps somewhat more easily and with realtime algorythm testing.

Just grab the source code from the Git Repository.   You don't need a license to mess around with that.


The 'license is activated' means you can open the ProJucer and log in with your ROLI credentials set up at time of account creation and use the ProJucer.   that's all that it means.   they don't email you or anything, which is dumb.   I went thru this with them and was just as confused as you about it all, except that I paid for the commercial license! 

Since JUCE is GPL, just fetch the library from GitHub ( ).

You don’t need a ROLI account at all (at least if you don’t care about the Projucer).

Oops, too late.